This Clinometer app shows your heeling. The app is a reminiscence of a famous classy analog indicator. However, an android serves as indicator.


Displays heel on three scales: Coarse (pendulum range -70 to +70 degrees), Medium (-35 to +35°), and Fine (-5 to +5°). See some screen shots below for different heelings. Note the android indicator and the sail boat icon. You may want to find out the best heel for maximum boat speed!

01 fine 02 medium  03 coarse
fine scale value  medium scale value   coarse scale value


Click the settings icon to calibrate the Clinometer.

Calibrating is as easy as tapping a menu button

in a neutral, no heel, position. You can

calibrate at any time again by tapping the settings button again.

04 calibrate

Download ClinoSail from Google PlayStore.

ClinoSail PlayStore

V1.0 released July 25 2012.