Start2Win helps you with regatta starts. Based on your boat position and speed it computes if you cross the start line on time, too late or too early.


Your perfect sailing regatta start!

All you need to do is enter the end points of the start line. You do this by navigating to starboard and port marks of the start line and hit the respective button in the app. Then you enable the countdown timer and are ready to race!

01SetStartLine-saling-regatta-start   02SetTimer-saling-regatta-start   03Race-saling-regatta-start

set start line...

set timer...


For detailed instructions, you can download the manual as pdf in English and German.

Make sure you check the best practice.

There is a press release in English and German.

Download Start2Win from Google PlayStore.

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V1.0 released June 15 2012.