Start2Win - Best Practice

While developing and working with the app, we and our customers found some interesting practices. We'd like to share them with you here.

  • practice the start procedure with Start2Win. You may find new possibilities to start with the app. Many sailors start a race by running up and down close to the start line and luv up when the race begins. With Start2Win, you can keep yourself out of the mess of boats that gather around the start line and cross at a distance. Just luv up now and then to check when you have to start (that represents delta t). Include some extra seconds for wind changes and unpredicted other boats.When delta t is almost zero, you should be at a point from where you can sail towards the preferred end of the start line with half winds. Then you sail towards the start line and off you go!
  • practice the start procedure by bike or foot on a big parking lot at first. It is quicker and easier than on a boat. Later, you should practice on a boat before you win your regatta with Star2Win.
  • disable Autorotation in notification bar if you experience unwanted display orientation changes.
  • especially if you sail alone, you can use a bluetooth headset paired to your Android device. Then you can keep your device at a safe dry place and have your hands free! On a large boat, you can pair your device to the onboard stereo system ;)
  • if your Android device has a large screen, you can stick or bond it to the mast to view it.